Fiber Treatment

02At Christiansen’s Service we take care of our clients by offering superior fiber protection for your furnishings.  Thus, allowing you enjoy the investment of your fine furnishings beyond their years.

The Christiansen’s Service specializes in treatment of, area rugs, upholstered furniture, draperies, wall coverings and wall-to-wall carpeting.

That means a cleaner interior for your family and guests.


What Our Fiber Protection Does

  • Reduces permanent stains. A great looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spillage as well as protected carpet.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to replace a expensive investment.
  •  Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed. Traffic area soil is very abrasive and cuts carpet yarns like a knife. This damaging soil can easily bond to an unprotected carpet. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively.
  • Reduced absorbency and makes spots easier to remove. Many spots can be removed easily with just water.
  • Makes your next professional cleaning more effective. Having protector applied to your carpet will enhance your next cleaning. More soil will be removed the next time your carpeting is professionally cleaned.
  • Your Fabric will look better and last longer when it is protected.

"White Antique Sofa"Life Expectancy.

For peak performance we recommend to have the protection to be Cleaned and replenished every two years.  Our sealers are not a coating but penetrate into the fabric for the most thorough protection.  Christiansen’s Service warrants the product for two full years with  Solar-Seal® and Solar-Shield® products.

Fiber Protection


The Christiansen’s Service/ Can use a variety of sealers depending upon the needs of client.  However, we found that the Solar-Seal® and Solar-Shield® protection for your upholstery, carpets, oriental rugs, and MORE to be the best investment for our clients. Protection make these fabrics last much longer, and make spots & spills easier to clean.

  • Reduces the likelihood of permanent stains
  • Vacuuming faster, easier, and more efficient
  • Fabrics cleaner, brighter, and fresher
  • Fabrics resistant to water and oil based stains
  • Is safe for your children and pets
  • Anti sun fade protection
  • spotter bottles

Our protector meets all current and future proposed Califfornia proposed VOC laws.


We warranty our product for two full years from the original date of application.

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